Pendel Puppe

from aLICE kEMP

Pendel Puppe is a type of small doll-like companion, a tool for focusing, un-focusing, nothing, and other. Pendel Puppe has a rough style but is lovingly made with a wooden clothes peg, knife work, paint, burning, varnish, a metal eye screw, kisses, secrets, and finished with a hand dyed silk ribbon.

Each doll is approximately 11cm from eye to toe, with a slim ribbon of approximately 60cm, and a printed 'calling card' finished in ink and water, numbered and signed by the artist.

These Pendel Puppen are not directly related to a musical release, rather, they were created in an edition of 0-7 for the Schimpfluch Affiliated Actions tour in 2019.

The price includes postage.

WARNING : this is not a toy

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